Wildfire Smoke Plunges Brazilian City into Darkness During the Afternoon

An eerie darkness suddenly fell over a Brazilian city on Monday afternoon and left mystified residents wondering if it was a sign of the End Times. The eerie event reportedly occurred at around 2 PM in the city of Sao Paulo. Much to the amazement of people living and working the metropolis, the sky inexplicably grew incredibly dark to the point that it looked more like midnight rather than a couple of hours after noon.

A number of unsettled residents soon took to social media with concerns that "the final judgment is coming" and that the Apocalypse was at hand. In an effort to get to the bottom of the mysterious incident and, no doubt, quell the fears of people in the city, various officials and institutions offered reasons for the puzzling darkness.

One organization, the National Institute of Meteorology, indicated that the high-elevation city had somehow found itself "inside a cloud." Meanwhile, a weather forecasting company blamed forest fires in Bolivia, Paraguay, and parts of Brazil. Additionally, a cold front was also put forward by some experts as a possible cause of the blackout.

Find out what the ultimate cause of the bizarre darkness turned out to be at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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