Sister of Dyatlov Pass Victim Speaks

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A fascinating new look at the Dyatlov Pass incident features several enlightening first-hand perspectives on the case, including rare insights from the sister of the doomed hiker whose name became synonymous with the mysterious event. Published by the BBC, the exhaustive and excellent piece revisits the infamous 1959 tragedy in which nine Russian college students perished in the Ural Mountains under unexplained circumstances that continue to flummox researchers to this day.

One of the individuals interviewed for the article was Tatiana Perminova, who was 12 years old when her brother, Igor Dyatlov, embarked on the ill-fated hiking trip. She remembered that their mother had actually attempted to dissuade him from going on the journey, arguing that he should focus on his studies instead. However, Perminova recalled, Igor managed to convince her after promising that it would his final trip into the mountains before he graduated. "And, indeed," his sister mournfully observed, "it was his last time."

Chillingly, Perminova revealed that she was the one who answered the phone at their home six decades ago when the authorities called with the shattering news that Igor had died. "The next day, my parents were summoned to the university," she said, "and the nightmare began." As for what may have caused the demise of her brother and his fellow hikers, Perminova indicated that the families were as mystified by the case as the rest of the world and were callously told by Russian authorities that "you will never know the truth, so stop asking questions."

More of Perminova's thoughts on the infamous Dyatlov Pass incident at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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