CANCEL THE CHRISTMAS BALLS: Gingerbread MAN is now offensive and other g...


< br />Target has a new "gender inclusive gingerbread" sweater because apparently gingerbread 'men' are offensive. And a new video of a sex ed class posted by Questioning LGBT/CSE Education gives insight into how our children are gently force-fed gender fluidity. PragerU asked college students at UC Berkeley how many genders there are. Of course, "infinite" was an answer, but the students seemed more afraid of offending anyone than eager to tell the truth. And actor Tim Robbins is calling out Ellen DeGeneres for "making peace" with George W. Bush. But he had the opposite response to Bush's supporters when he was president! And prepare for two weeks of impeachment fun with Adam Schiff's made-for-TV hearings! The Democrats just want to know the facts about Trump and Ukraine (but only Schiff's "facts").

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