If There Was a Joe Biden Statue, Leftists Would Tear It Down

RUSH: Hey, folks, I was sitting here thinking today, if there were a statue of Joe Biden out there like there are statues of Kate Smith, if there were a statue of Joe Biden out there, what would leftists do with it? They would have to demand that it be torn down because of things he said in the past. This guy, Joe Biden, we got all kinds of audio sound bites coming up. This guy, Joe Biden, actually stood for segregation.

At one time in his life he was in favor of segregation. He said it was the one way to promote black strength and black pride. And he came out in favor of forced busing and so forth – actually, he was opposed to that. But he came out in favor of segregation. I'm going back to the 1970s now. But it doesn't matter, Kate Smith sang those songs in the 1930s and they want to tear her statue down outside the arena in Philadelphia.

I mean, think of all of Bite Me's positions. He voted for DOMA, the Defense Against Marriage Act. But then remember the Obama team sent him out there to announce their change of heart on gay marriage. People have forgotten this. Everybody thinks Obama took the lead on that, but he didn't. He sent Bite Me out there to do it.

But originally Biden voted for the Defense of Marriage Act and against gay marriage. He opposed desegregation and busing to integrate the schools. He has a long history of harassing women, sniffing their hair and all of that. I mean, those things alone require a Joe Biden statue to be covered up. Am I wrong? Using the left's own behavior here against them.

He voted against Anita Hill. Did you know that? He voted for Clarence Thomas. He voted against Anita Hill. He voted for Scalia to be on the Supreme Court. He bragged about Delaware's history as a slave state. He did. He bragged about Delaware's history as a slave state. Remember, he was walking into a 7-Eleven one day and started cracking jokes (imitating Biden), “Yeah, you can't own one of these or even work in one of these unless you're Indian.” Remember that? “Aw, that's just old Joe.”

Of course he plagiarized everything Neil Kinnock ever said, wrote, or thought. And, of course, my all-time favorite Joe Biden, he's in Missouri, some kind of a fundraiser, famous Missouri politician there is a paraplegic, sitting in a wheelchair. And Joe's just going on flapping his gums (imitating Biden), “Hey, let's give it up for Chuck. Chuck, stand up, man, stand up there and let us get -- oh, my God. Oh, oh, my, oh, my, oh, God. Chuck can't stand up. Oh, my God. Let's all stand up for Chuck.” We have that the audio sound bite coming up.

Joe Biden voted for the crime bill. He voted for the Iraq war. I mean, if there were a statue of this guy, it would have been taken down already mere hours after his announcement. And this guy, don't you love this, he announces his candidacy in a video. It's an exhaustive thing to do, folks. It takes a lot of energy.

And this shameless, shameless reason he's getting in is because of Charlottesville. We've gotta set the record straight on that again, which we will do. But I think he's learning from the wrong people. He's doing a Hillary Clinton here. After this exhaustive announcement today in the video, he's taking three days off to rest and recuperate and rejuvenate, and his first event is gonna be Monday in Pittsburgh.

There's a story here from TheHill.com: “Biden's Sloppy Launch May Cost Him.” There's another story at The Week, mocking and making fun of Biden. And then of course the polls! We've already got a poll out that says that Biden leads Trump by eight, and of course the rest of the Democrat field! Don't you just love this? The same polls that had Hillary winning in a landslide throughout the 2016 campaign, they've already installed Biden in her honored place in presidential polls.

But we're gonna get to the bulk of the Biden stuff in just a minute. I mean, I had to mention that because that's the big news on the Democrat side today. Oh, and a Candace Owens tweet about one thing. She's right about this. You know, Biden going off on what happened in Charlottesville and lying about it and making it up and using that as the reason to get in the race, that we're losing the soul of our nation because of Trump, Candace Owens tweeted: "So Joe Biden jumps into the race claiming that white supremacy made him finally realize our nation's at stake."

And she says: "Black America, wake up. I am sick to my stomach that they're gonna try to use us again" -- meaning African-Americans -- "to gain power. The Democrats think we are emotional and stupid." I can totally understand her frustration. Candace Owens, brilliant. She’s been on the warpath.

You know, there's a long parade of conservative African-Americans who've come along over the course of this program's 30-year history and we've rallied behind them and we've thought these may be the people to actually upset the applecart, upset the idea Democrats get 92 to 93% of the African-American vote every presidential election.

Candace Owens is the latest, maybe the greatest -- not to put anybody else down. But I can tell she's getting frustrated. She's got a movement called Blexit to take off on Brexit. Blexit, blacks exit the Democrat Party. And I can understand her frustration. It just doesn't happen. It just doesn't happen, although it's too early to say it isn't gonna happen in the 2020 election.

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