Kristina Mullin: Food Bank Of Western Mass Offers "Healthy And Local Food"

Nutrition Coordinator Kristina Mullin breaks down the details about nutrition at the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts.

"Every single food item that comes in and out of the warehouse, we make sure we try to meet these standards called 'foods to encourage.'"

"It should make sure that whether it's produced, to vegetables and fruit, it can't be canned in high sodium, it can't be canned in high fructose corn syrup. It has to have low sugar, low salt added, low fat."

"It's really important for us that we're not just handing out any kind of food. It's really healthy and good, shelf stable food that people can use to create meals."

According to Mullin, it's important to the Food Bank to "make cheap, but also healthy and local food available to everyone in the community."

The Food Bank also takes into consideration food allergies.

"We take food allergies very serious," Mullin explains, adding that the warehouse has particular standards to accommodate these health concerns. "If someone has a food allergy, they can let us know and we have alternatives that they can use."

"It's a completely different idea than most people would have, just like a giant warehouse just handing out a bunch of packaged processed food. We really care about getting organic, good, local food to people and it's not just packaged processed food. That's really important."

Food Bank of Western Mass

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Photo: Food Bank of Western Massachusetts

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