Pats Chris Long Skipping WH Visit, Blasts Reporter

Back when the whole Colin Kaepernick situation was happening, Chris Long happened to be one of the few white NFL players to not only speak out on the issue, but actually show support for Kaepernick's overall message. But according to one New York Daily News writer, that isn't enough. In this article, writer Chuck Modiano writes an open letter to Long saying he should skip the team's White House visit. It's lengthy, whiny, and certainly over-the-top. 

Whether or not Chris Long took the time to read the snoozer of a letter, he certainly made his feelings known with this tweet:

Soo, that explains that...kinda? Look, I love Chris Long putting a writer on blast, that's fantastic. But do you think a follow-up question is necessary?

I fall into two categories on guys skipping the White House; either A, make no mention of it, don't show up and don't talk about it. Or, give us a clear explanation as to why you're not going. This to me fall somewhere right in the middle. 

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. 



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