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A Gas Tax Holiday Won’t Do Squat and Dems Know It

BUCK: So even CNN is saying (summarized) “Yeah, this gas tax holiday they’re talking about? It’s not exactly the panacea or even…” What would I say? It is not gonna do squat. Play 4.

HARLOW: Congress is unlikely to support the federal tax holiday, as lawmakers have real questions about the potential impact and the cost. JPMorgan this morning estimating the move would save the average driver just $20 over the course of the summer.

BUCK: Twenty dollars! “Come on, peasants. Take your $20 and be grateful and vote Biden. What do you mean? Look what he’s doing for you? He just gave you a 20. Don’t spend it all in one place over the 90 days of the tax holiday for gas that’s not even gonna end up happening, by the way.”

And really, Biden is the way too out of touch, way too old relative who presses a dime in your hands and is like, “Go take that one and get yourself a steak dinner!” Not with a dime. I don’t think that’s gonna work. It’s been a while, you know? But here he is: “Take your $20. Don’t complain. Just vote Democrat in the fall.” That’s all they care about. It’s not gonna happen, folks. I certainly hope not, certainly hope not.


BUCK: Oh, hold on a second. Welcome back to Clay and Buck. This is Buck. That was Biden. Hold on a second. So, he can do a lot to push gas exploration, refining, and the bringing of gas to market? ‘Cause I remember as of last week, we were hearing a lot of (high-pitched voice), “Oh, it’s not the president’s fault. It’s not his fault. He can’t really do very much about it! Sorry about the high price of gas. It’s just a coincidence that it gets real high when you have a Democrat in office. Oh, gosh.”

Wait a second. That doesn’t make any sense. So which one is it? This is the same way that I always approach the climate change hysteria argument, which is to say, “You gotta stick with one argument. You can’t just change the argument every time we show that the argument that they’re rolling out is ridiculous.” You gotta stay with one, right? You can’t just say, “Oh, that’s not the argument. It’s actually this argument!” So they’re telling you…

Just think about this. I learned about this from my time… Look, I think every parent has learned about this from dealing with kids, right, once you know that someone’s lied. “Why were you home late last night?” and there’s a lie, it’s, “Okay, there’s a problem,” and with someone’s lying to you about policy, when someone’s lying to you about politics, then yes — once again — there’s an issue. So, they tell you, for example, that Biden had nothing to do with the baby formula shortage.

You say, ‘Well, hold on a second. It was Biden’s FDA. It happened on his watch. He did have senior advisers who were aware there was some problem in the baby formula supply chain,” and then eventually enough people figured that out that they said, “Oh, well, look, Biden’s flying in planes the formula from Germany.” By the way, that hasn’t solved the problem at all. It just was optics to show that Biden was “doing something.”

It was the equivalent of a baby formula photo-op. But then they started saying, “Well, look at all these great things Biden’s doing to make sure there’s enough baby formula!” Keep in mind, he talks about the Defense Production Act for solar panels but not the Defense Production Act or even a deregulatory spree to increase fossil production. Why is that? You see, when the heat is on and the polls are dropping, the go-to for the Biden regime is, “Oh, it’s not his fault. It’s someone else’s fault.”

And when after enough people — from the focus on it in the news cycle and the focus, for example, on gas prices and paying these super high gas prices every day — when after that starts to become an untenable position of, “Oh, it’s not Biden’s fault,” then all of a sudden it’s, “Oh, but he’s doing all these great things to increase the production of gas. He’s an amazing president, don’t you see?”

Well, that means that they were clearly not being honest with you before when they said there’s nothing the president can do. It can’t be a week ago there’s nothing Biden can do and now he’s doing everything. He’s a big fan of the oil and gas companies, right? He’s practically walking around in a Chevron shirt with a Shell Oil hat on and a — I don’t know, name one of the companies — Exxon Mobil briefcase he’s carrying around. That’s not what’s happening.

We all know that’s a lie. It’s dishonest. But they can’t really face the music right now because they can’t afford to tell the American people on this issue the truth at all ’cause they know they’ll be in a whole lot of electoral trouble when the votes are finally cast. Here, for example, is White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre asked about… Well, you know what? I’m gonna let you hear this exchange about why the administration policy may have hurt domestic energy production. Play 5, please.

BUCK: “No working theory. Yeah, we don’t really know!” I have to say, it does seem a bit… It’s getting to be almost unkind during these press conferences to watch Ms. Jean-Pierre fumble through written talking points to try to find one that kind of, sort of, maybe might fit the general question being posed to her. It seems quite clear that she’s not really up for this job. But, hey, the Biden administration is celebrating it, nonetheless. Oh, and if you’re wondering, “Okay, but there must be some real experts who understand what’s going on here.

“There must be people who really get it. We got this Big Government! We got millions of federal government employees spending hundreds of billions of dollars a year in all these different agencies, right? So, there must be really smart people who get this, as you’re now looking at a long summer of — or are in the midst of a long summer of — very high prices for everything,” and then you think, “Well, who’s the energy secretary exactly?”

Let’s take a moment here to hear from Jen Granholm, who keeps saying the quiet part out loud which is, “Yeah, we don’t like that people are upset about the high price of oil and gas and all that, but it’s also kind of necessary so we can start living off of windmills and solar panels and all taking bicycles to work ’cause that’s what the good people do,” according to the people flying in private jets mostly. Here’s Jen Granholm. Play 8.

BUCK: You see, they think this crisis is an opportunity Democrat moment. “Okay, fine. Trice of gas is really high. But let’s push that green energy stuff!” But then they realize, “Oh, wait, people don’t really want to hear it right now going into a midterm election. They understand that that’s not gonna help ’em pays the bills, not gonna help ’em get it done. So, ooh, maybe we gotta…” They’re so torn on this. You can hear it, right?

Biden is talking about (impression), “Oh, oh, I don’t stand in the way of oil and gas. Love gas! Gas has been great. We’ve been drilling for oil in this country for, what, four or 500 years now, drilling for oil, making sure we got enough oil for the combustion engine. The combustion engine’s been around for a thousand years. We all know that! Remember. It’s just like when FDR used to get on the internet and stream to everybody about how…”

You get the idea, right? It’s ridiculous. But this is the guy who runs the country. So here we are — and look at the people that are helping him run the country, like Jennifer Granholm, an ideologue, and not a very bright one. But they don’t want to be associated with the pain that their policies have caused. That’s the goal. Everything else is just noise. Of course, they hate fossil fuels! I could sit here and play you endless clips of them saying, “Climate change is an existential threat.

“If we don’t deal with this right now, in the next 10 years, it will be too late.” You’ve seen them. You hear them! We could pull these clips. I’m sorry, they don’t get to go from under the Trump administration (sobbing), “If we don’t deal with climate change in the next two years, we’re all gonna die,” to, “Hey, what do you mean? We love gas and oil! We go swimming in gas and oil. We love it! We use it as an exfoliant, put it in our drinks. We love oil and gas!”

They’re lying to you — they’re lying to you — and you know it, and the country is seeing this pretty clearly. The country, I think, is figuring this out, and that’s why how low can these polls go? I’m gonna say this, too, ’cause I know people are disappointed in some Republicans right now, and they should be. I’d also like to hear a lot more of… Look, Republicans, even if they… Remember, without the presidency, there’s not much you can really get done legislatively at the federal level, but at least you can stop the damage.

You could stop the offensives that has been ongoing against our freedoms and against basic sanity under this Biden administration. But it would be worthwhile to hear more about what would be done to make things better. How do we get a secure border, safe streets, and a booming economy again? Isn’t it amazing? You think back to what the country was like in 2018-2019, and what it’s like now, and you say, “Wow, how could anyone think that what we have now is better than what we had then?” and the answer is delusion, denial, and Democrats, unfortunately.

That’s what we’re all faced with.

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