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Sen. Tuberville on Biden’s Attack on Title IX, Women’s Sports

BUCK: Senator Tuberville of Alabama is with us now as promised. Senator, thanks for making the time.

TUBERVILLE: Good afternoon, Buck. How are you?

BUCK: I’m good, sir. You know you had a press conference with some other senators just, what, about a little over an hour ago talking about the fiftieth anniversary of Title IX and what Biden’s regime plans to do to Title IX. Everyone needs to know about this. Tell the folks what’s going on.

TUBERVILLE: Well, what a great day it is for women’s and women’s sports. You know, it should be a big celebration. This today is the 50th anniversary of the passing of Title IX here in this building, in the Capitol in Washington, D.C. — probably the best piece of legislation, especially for women, ever passed. And what it did, the questioning equal opportunity for women as to men. Back in early days, Buck, before 1972 when it was passed, you had 3 to 5% of the girls in high school that played women’s sports.

Today, you have close to 50% because of Title IX and because the same funding that boys get they have to get for girls; the same number of sports that you have, you have to have for girls. It’s been an amazing ride to watch Title IX, how effective it’s been for young women all across this country — and because of it, just a little item that I just heard: 31 new women’s sports were added since Title IX to the Olympics, 31 — and so it’s had a huge impact.

But obviously, the Biden administration, they’ve screwed everything else up; so they might as well screw up Title IX which is something that we all hold dearly to our heart. So this morning on the anniversary — fiftieth anniversary of Title IX — President Biden decided that he would add something to Title IX that he thinks would help Title IX. So what he did, he changed the definition of “sex” to “gender identity.” You’re not male or female. You can be what you want to be.

And this did this so young men would have the opportunity to participate against women in sports. It’s a shame in the last few years, 22 biological boys playing in women’s sports; they’ve won 22 championships. It’s taken away opportunities for girls to compete for number one, if they’re gonna compete in a lot of these sports now, they’re gonna be competing for second, third, fourth place. It’s just an absolute change.

And there’s no common sense to this. You know, the radical left, they want control of everything, including the definition of sex. It’s just amazing to me what I’ve seen over 50 years how far we’ve come, and now we’re gonna take ourselves back 50 years because the Biden administration wants power not only over you, but also what you determine yourself and what sex you are.

BUCK: Speaking to Senator Tuberville of Alabama. Senator, it seems like what they’re doing, then — through the interpretation that they’re now taking as a federal matter of Title IX — is codifying transgender athletes participation in sports as a civil rights issue. Is that where this is heading?

TUBERVILLE: Well, pretty much that’s what they’re saying. They want everybody to have the same equal opportunity. They want “equity.” They don’t want to “equality.” They want everybody to be the same no matter how hard you work. Now, the problem with that is you can’t do that in sports. Everybody should have an opportunity to work hard, practice hard, be dedicated, learn, learn leadership. What women have had the opportunity to do in sports in the last 50 years is learn to be in a leadership role.

We have women up here in the Senate now that told me just today, “I’m here today because I played high school or college sports, because I learned how to deal with winning, losing — how to deal with other people, how to communicate. “ It’s just amazing the things that — you know, Buck, what you learn, whether it’s military, team sports, anything that you do with other people. But the Biden administration on their high horse, of course, the progressive left is pushing this. They want to give opportunities to transgender.

Hey, I’m fine with that. Give them their own category. But do not allow boys to compete against girls because it is a no-brainer that they’re bigger, faster, and stronger and you’re gonna have less opportunities for girls to get scholarships. You’re gonna end up with basically boys playing in boy sports all over the country and then in women’s sports, there’s not gonna be women sports.

It’s gonna be transgender boys playing in women sports. It’s absolutely insane what the Biden administration — of course they’ve ruined our economy, our border, our foreign relations, they’ve taken away… Tthe crime in the country just rampant. They ruined everything else, so they just decided to ruin athletics while they’re at it.

BUCK: Senator Tuberville, how do they even define who would be protected under a gender identity interpretation of Title IX? It seems like that remains entirely unclear, because it’s so fluid, when does the protection kick in and what standards to be, less say, “a trans athlete” competing against women, which the Biden administration supports? How does one even meet the designation that would then qualify for protection under Title IX, you know what I mean? Title IX is all based under women and men being different and discernible.

TUBERVILLE: Exactly, and there’s a lot of things that we’re looking into this on, but some people, some of the Democrats I’ve talked to say, “Well if they’re still a female after 12 years old, we’re not gonna allow them to participate once they hit puberty,” but how do you determine that? You hear the science that they go by. Everything to them is about “science.” Of course they screwed up everything that we did with the pandemic, covid.

BUCK: Covid yes.

TUBERVILLE: They’ll mess this up. But it’s not about anything other than giving the opportunity for the far left to have power and control over everything we’re doing, and now they’re getting into sports, which a lot of people are both sides are gonna be really, really mad about this.

BUCK: Let’s celebrate women’s sports and keep women’s sports for women. Senator Tuberville, appreciate you joining us from Alabama, sir. Thanks so much.

TUBERVILLE: Thank you, Buck.

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