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We Have the Receipts! Democrats Can’t Scrub Defund the Police Blood Off ...

Crime is the top issue for a lot of Americans, and it’s a huge issue nationwide, with only Biden’s recession giving it much competition.

Here’s a reminder that Democrats wanted to abolish the police and pushed defunding it, which they now deny.

That’s why Americans are shifting to Republicans and Democrats are freaking out about it.

Each day, you can find new crime records being shattered.

Big cities like Philadelphia are seeing record murders, and Democrats are fine with this. In fact, they’re delivering it on purpose and by design.

This is life in New York City now, and left-wing papers can’t ignore it.

This crimewave, and the support of candidates like John Fetterman for criminals, are the reason Republicans are looking at a red wave.

Get out and vote. Tell your friends. We have to save America.

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