Howie Carr is a Boston radio legend, having held the mic at WRKO for more than 20 years. Today, he's a member of the National Radio Hall of Fame, and consistently ranked by Talkers Magazine, as one of America's top radio talk show hosts. He is also an award winning front-page columnist for the Boston Herald.





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Chopped Chumps - 3.30.23

"We've Crossed the Rubicon:" Howie Talks Trump Indictment Bringing U.S. to Banana Republic Territory | 3.30.23 - Howie Carr Show Hour 4

Taylor reads Trump's official post-indictment statement right when it breaks. Tune in for Howie's real-time commentary and outrage over the politicization of the three-letter agencies against Donald J. Trump. It's not a Story Daniels or NDA thing. It's a Trump thing.

Donald Trump Officially Indicted & the Chump Line | 3.30.23 - Howie Carr Show Hour 3

Thankfully, the FBI waited until after the Chump Line to press charges. The former President of the United States has just been indicted for his involvement in a transfer of hush money. We have crossed the Rubicon. We have reached banana republic territory. This is what happens in nations like Pakistan. Howie covers everything he can as more news comes out.

Husband of BLM Co-Founder Dies Tragically in Motorcycle Accident | 3.30.23 - Howie Carr Show Hour 2

Clark Grant, the husband of Monica Canon Grant, died suddenly in a motorcycle crash last night. The two had fraud charges against them, and Howie speculates how this could change those, if at all. Then, Howie discusses how quickly the woke agenda will turn on their own when it becomes inconvenient.

FREED: The Jan 6 QAnon Shaman plus Will Paltrow "Gwyn" Her Case? | 3.30.23 - Howie Carr Show Hour 1

Over two years later, the man with the horns who we now know was led around the Capitol building has been freed from federal prison. Howie wonders if the release of the tapes on Tucker had anything to do with it. Then, Howie and Grace wager on the outcome of Gwyneth Paltrow's lawsuit.

Maureen Maloney, Mother of Man Slain by Unlicensed Alien, Talks Mayorkas and Massachusetts Law | 3.30.23 - Grace Curley Show Hour 3

Grace brings on Jessica Machado of WBSM to discuss the aftermath of the Nashville school shooting and what it means for parents around the nation. Then, Maureen Maloney, mother of the man slain by an unlicensed illegal immigrant driver, joins the show to update listeners on the suit against Ecuadorian Nicolas Dutan Guaman.

Joe Bidenopolous Celebrates Greek Independence plus Woke or Joke | 3.30.23 - Grace Curley Show Hour 2

He's Polish, he's Black, and now, he's Greek! Joe Biden claims he had quite the nickname back when he first ran for Senate. Then, Grace and Taylor let listeners try their luck with a round of Woke or Joke. This week, headlines include topics like children's books, male makeup, and culturally insensitive GIFs!

Jamaal Bowman is Back with Another Viral Moment and the Second Amendment Problem | 3.30.23 - Grace Curley Show Hour 1

Jamaal Bowman is back with another ploy to go viral and make news, and we suppose he's successful. Grace comments on his latest stunt, getting in a shouting match with Thomas Massie. Then, Grace spars with callers over Second Amendment rights in the aftermath of Monday's devastating attack on an elementary school.

Morning Minute: Draconian Doctor Fauci - 3.30.23

If you dared to utter the word "draconian" to describe the government-imposed lockdowns, you'd be labeled a conspiracy theorist, a grandma-killer, a right-wing clown! Now, Fauci is using the phrase himself!

Chopped Chump - 3.29.23

Enjoy these Chopped Chumps with some chocolate chocolate chip ice cream.