Nominate a long term care center or memory home to be gifted a comfort dog.

"Pops" Polito

Comfort dogs are a godsend in long term care facilities and for people suffering with dementia or Alzheimer's. My dog Pops came from a unique breeder of these incredible animals. David and Peggi Brogan of Boonefield Labradors have donated 15 comfort dogs to schools and police departments. They need your help for their next donation. In February, David's father passed away just before his 92nd birthday. Bob Brogan was a veteran who served in the Korean War. In his later years, he had memory deficiencies and could no longer communicate. Bob loved his family more than anything and lit up when they visited. He also loved dogs. In his honor, David and Peggi are searching for a memory care facility, assisted living, nursing home, etc. so they can donate a comfort dog or puppy. Click BELOW for a podcast with all the details. If you know a place that would welcome one of these beautiful and loving dogs, contact Boonefield Labradors on Facebook or through their website.