If You Give A Deer A Biscuit...

A Colorado shop was stag-gered when an unexpected visitor walked through the door.


According to Facebook user Connie Jones Horton, a store worker lured the doe out of the shop with a peanut bar.

However, the doe returned later with a few family members in tow!

These are my sister’s photos! She was not the owner but worked at the little store. She absolutely did not give it chocolate anything. She only lured the doe out with a peanut bar. Then it returned later with its family. The doe was interested in the chips and snack crackers that sat right at the front door.

It's safe to say the deer was fawn-d of the store. 

Facebook users loved the story, sparking a series of a-doe-rably punny comments.

Carrie Van Schoyck-Smith

"Herd of mouth is the best advertising!!!!"

Tommy Szot:

"'Could you be a deer and get more chocolate and biscuits for my friends?'"

Tommy Thompson:

"If they eat the chocolate, could it possibly turn them into 'mousse' ??"

Bob Willcockson:

"He came back to pay, brought a few bucks with him"

Chris Ruyle

"Looks like he has plenty of doe."

Sunita Sharma:

"En- deering story! Good thing they didn’t go buck wild"

Photo: Truth Inside Of You/Facebook

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