Comedian "Bandersnatch"-es, Lets Fans Control Her For A Day

Australian comedian Bec Hill took a page from the Netflix series Black Mirror and played a game with fans while in London.


Inspired by the episode "Bandersnatch," Bec gave followers the opportunity to choose her adventure. From morning breakfast to dancing in public, followers chose which of two actions Bec would be forced to take.

Let's hope she had a better ending than the star of the episode...


Here's how to play. Bec posts a photo, followed by a poll. Followers have 5 minutes to vote and choose the path they would like Bec to take. After the time is up, the comedian must follow the directive of the poll.

First up, just like the episode, morning cereal.


Should Bec have Flakes & Fruit or Malties?

The votes came in... Malties!


Time to pick today's soundtrack!

Which track should Bec listen to in the shower: an episode from "The Teacher's Pet," or laugh sound effects on loop?


Yikes. Looks Bec's in for some laughs!


Next choice: jumper or dress?


Mario, it is!


Now that Bec's reunited with Mum, we need to decide: should she compliment her, or yell at her?


Uh oh! Mum's missing! What should she do?




That didn't work. Time to loop back! ↩ī¸ What should Bec do now?


Success! Mum has been located!

Now you must choose... naughty or nice?


🙈 Mum's such a good sport.


Next: one mulled wine or two?


In a nearly unanimous vote, the people have chosen... TWO! Cheers!


After a drink (or two), Bec and Mum head to The Globe, the home of the Bard himself. 

Should they take a tour of the theatre?


After walking through the pit, another challenge was issued.


Uh oh! That was a close one!


Methinks Wesley would be proud, Bec.

Onto the National Theatre and a new challenge!

See a play, or do the Mr. Bean dance?



Almost time to head home. But first, a little song.


đŸŽļ You are such a great mum đŸŽļ

Instant classic.

Now back to the house!


As Bec's "Bandersnatch" day comes to an end, she poses one last challenge for fans.


Talk about a surprise ending!

Photo: Image Source/Getty

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