What POTUS Can Learn From Coach B

Bill Bellichick -- the sometimes ornery coach of the New England Patriots is pretty famous for the way he handles the media.  He hasn’t got very much that is good to say about them.  

Win or lose it is the same news conference.  “We got good efforts from all three phases of the game, offense, defense and special teams and now it's on to Atlanta.”

Have you ever heard the sometimes affable coach after a tough game, maybe a shootout win 50-48 against some team, come out and say “we would have beaten them by 30 if we only….”


Then why is the guy who won the election still talking about the election?  Isn’t there something else to do?

So let me be direct…

@TheRealDonaldTrump “please get media lessons from Coach B.  He has a little time before 2/5/17.

Maybe everyone can get together “Insta Snap” and “Face Chat” and figure it all out.  lol….

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