Sometimes You Just Scratch Your Head And Wonder

I come into the office every day with the hope that it will be a quiet, normal and productive day-- but often times get my morning briefing and think that we are a “Barney Fife” away from one bad episode of Mayberry RFD.

When I talk to politicians or groups that seek my help in formulating a media policy, I tell them one thing - “Don’t ever stretch the issue.”  If you do, it's over.  But the second thing is although it is always ok not to say anything, if you are going to say something make damn sure that what you are saying is what it is.

Too late for one community in the state.  Just when you thought you heard of all the crazy stories in all the crazy cities, comes word from the state’s “second largest city,” Worcester that the Mayor called protestors who were interrupting a city council meeting over immigration issues “Morons” for delaying work on city business.  The comments were caught on an open mike.

OK - so the next day the Mayor of Worcester gets up and summons the media and tells them that it wasn’t him.  Another man claims that he was standing next to the mike and uttered the words that the Mayor apologized for saying.

This is too good.  Reminds me of the good old days when Peter Jurzynski was a thorn in all politicians sides...while  James Brooks up in Northampton who kept everyone honest there.

No wait.  It gets better.  Now the Mayor of the second largest city in the state, who apologized for something that he didn’t say then tells us that he believes that the audio was doctored to make it sound like him.  Go  see the people at Quantico.  I am sure the FBI has some good stuff technology.  We don’t.

Cities and towns in this state are not in the great financial situation that they think they are.  What they need to do is come up with solutions to problems in the city, rather than get involved in the inner dealings of whoever is in the White House.  That is not to say they can’t protest.  Protest in the right places works.

Meantime in Northampton and in Springfield, the protests continue.  No one called anyone morons.  Those that agree with the President had their say and those who opposed it said their piece as well.

Everyone got along.  No one told anyone about fake news.  And we all got along.

Can’t we all just get along?

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