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I damn near moved to West Virginia this weekend.  I am serious.  I was home on Saturday night relaxing in between another hellish storm and was watching the State of the State Address that Democratic Governor Jim Justice delivered in WV.  It was an amazing address.  It was all done without a script.  No prompter no nothing.

Justice, told lawmakers, using only notes, a white board and an eraser and sitting through most of the address that his state was in dire straits….that the state needed an educational overhaul, an increase of a dollar in tolls on the highway and a return to manufacturing.

He called for an end to needless regulations in education.  A lowering of taxes on coal.  He wants to bring more tourism dollars to the state since he was sick and tired of seeing the ad that urges you to “come to Michigan” on his television stations.  “Who wants to go to Michigan.”

On manufacturing he said that most of the furniture and flooring comes from Vietnam, Mexico and China.  “I like Viet Nam, Mexico and China-- but from a distance.”

It was common sense from the newly elected governor of West Virginia who wants to work with the Trump Administration to get that done.  And it appears that he does have the Trump ear.  The Governor will be hunting with Don Junior.  And the Governor will have a direct line to the White House.

Now why is that all important?

Does the WV way mean anything?  Good Question.  Remember when Governor Baker said he would not vote for President.  "My vote is private- but don’t assume who you think I will vote for” is what he should have said.  It means that another Governor is likely to look at ways to poach businesses from this state and Connecticut as well at a time that neither state can afford it.  Remember the years that everyone told us that there were structural problems in state budgets?  I will give you a hint.  They are still there.

Enter West Virginia.  Manufacturing.  Coal.  Getting rid of regulations that are needless.  Building a better education system...More tourism.  Dead last in many categories but willing to take the steps for the future.  

And he will do it without raising taxes.  Massachusetts doesn't have those issues.  But do you think our taxes are going to remain status quo?  Massachusetts and Connecticut lawmakers can barely agree on what day of the week it is.  But what they will likely do is try something to raise revenues on our backs.

We could probably go to school on a lot of stuff with West Virginia.  If for no other reason that perhaps they have a different way of doing things.

Jimmy Dean said, " I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination."

Where do you want to go?

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