Dear Mr President

Dear Mr President,

Remember the age old expression of “less is more?”  You know a little bit of salt in the sauce is a good thing, but a whole salt shaker, not so much?  Would you be so kind as to translating that into government speak and following it?

My “flipness” should not be construed as disrespect toward the office but this thing where we beat up on the media for an hour during news conference  is doing no one any good.  And, I am sure there are some things you need to do that are more important.

In order to get that done, I would recommend you just not talk to the media.  Some of your predecessors, like Ronald Reagan weren’t big on news conference.  They did them but they didn’t last long and they weren’t all that dramatic ---well save those clips from Sam Donaldson and Dan Rather.

And, while I have your attention-- you watch the evening news?  Really?  You make the news sir.  You don’t need to find out what made the evening 22 minutes.

With all the problems in the world today, people will be more interested in what you have to say and what you do about the true issues affecting their pocketbooks then a war of words between you and reporters.  

In this day and age when if you had a democrat in the room saying today was Friday, a republican would swear that it were Saturday.  We are all convinced not only can the two parties not agree on time of day but what to put in their collective coffees.

Remember the president that said “It’s all about the economy”?  I hesitate to mention his name.   OK -- it’s Bill Clinton.  

If I may even go further….

It’s about money and jobs.  And safe streets and quality of life.  It’s about goals for the year and dreams for the future.

It’s about getting along.

And a lot more.  But you have a country to run.  And, I have a newsroom to run.

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