Protest - OK But Something Has Got To Be Done

Someone last night asked me about all the “fake news” going on around the world and I asked what they were talking about and could I please finish my salad and beer before forcing me to work.

Fake News?   How about crazy news?

 In Northampton, a seemingly benign program has been called out and now disbanded and no one can figure out why.

“High Five Friday” was something that saw cops stand at a school and “high five” the kids as they go into school.  Everyone loved it.  Well almost everyone did.  Some said that immigrant kids were scared of the cops.  Why?  

Now the department disbanded the program and will try to come up with something else to try to figure out how to be friendlier to the kids.

There is good and bad with everything.  Good docs.  Bad docs.  There are good chefs and bad chefs.  There are good coaches and bad coaches.  There is good and bad in the world.But there is a growing problem in this nation today that suggests that there is only bad.  Can’t we have something good to say about something in this world or is this the way it is going to be.

The thought of “Fake News” is making people critique everything.  Well I am here to tell you that Fake News is more of a psychological protocol then a journalistic pursuit.

You are entitled to your own beliefs and therefore whether you believe something is fake or true is totally entirely up to you.  But you can’t have such a read of a story that is beyond the realm of reality.


We have a lot of issues in this world that will be worked on.  It is up to the people in Washington to figure it out.  It is up to the 635 men and women who are in the house and senate to figure it out, debate the issues and pass something that will make a positive influence on the world.


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