Patience and Time Don't Mean Progress Is Coming

I cannot begin to analyze all that is going on in the world today because most of it from a common sense viewpoint is comical and that that descriptive doesn't do it justice.

Some takeaways.

The resurgence of casino gambling in this country today --- and this is not a comment on the industry itself but the general topic--- is more of an indictment of cities, towns, state and federal government's inability to think out of the box in a changing world, to create a better environment for its citizenry.  If all cities and states have to offer for economic development is a casino...then it begs me to ask, "what have you all been doing for the last God knows how many years."

And the reason why we know this is true is how many times throughout the last few years I have done stories about long standing projects.  Pick the project.  The go back and count how many years it took to accomplish it.  People with dark hair in some cases have white hair now.  This is not a good thing.

So what's the answer to the slow as molasses pace we have in the country?

I don't know.  But it will take someone with some guts to decide that it is time for government to move off the dime and move forward at a quicker pace.

“The two most powe

rful warriors are patience and time.”

Tolstoy said that.

How many of you are running out of time and patience?

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