Tornado Closes Roads-Damages Houses- But None Hurt

The National Weather Service is  confirming that a tornado touched down in Western Massachusetts this  weekend. The EF-1 twister formed in Conway and briefly touched down in  Goshen on Saturday, generating estimated maximum winds of 110 miles per  hour. 

Officials say at least a dozen homes and a church were severely  damaged, and hundreds of people are still without power, according to  Eversource. 

There is no school in Conway today and a State Of Emergency Remains in Effect.

This is the first time a tornado has ever been recorded in  Massachusetts in the month of February.  The previous earliest was March 1st of 1996.

The Lt Governor has been coordinating the effort to get the town back to normal.  

And the National Weather Service says that it will have more to say about the storm later today.  

(picture with thanks Western Mass News)


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