A Call For All To Get Along--Will Anyone Answer?

Do you understand what a crazy time this really is?

Both sides of the political aisle whine and moan and groan until you just want to be sick about how they need to work together for the good of the people.

Yet then they whine and moan and groan about how nothing is getting done.

In which world does that make any sense?

In Congress last night The President delivered (not a State of the Union Address) a message to the joint session of Congress.  And some congressmen chose to play politics by not showing up.  Some female lawmakers wore white in support of women’s rights. 

On the one hand we talk about bipartisanship.  And the need to listen.  On the other hand those that should be at the table listening aren’t anywhere to be found.

Heck.  The head of the AFL CIO is liking what he is hearing so far from the President.  You mean the Republicans and Democrats can’t get along?  And we pay them?

And that same kind of attitude that is playing out in DC is also playing out between Connecticut and Massachusetts.  Connecticut -- last time we looked a sovereign state decides to add a third casino in East Windsor.  Springfield well on its way to its own gaming facility is upset about that.  

Can we just all agree that even though the casino industry is seeing a dip in revenues according to some that there is plenty of money to go around.  There is no need for everyone to get all upset because a state is doing what states do.  

“When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It's to enjoy each step along the way.”

Wayne Dyer said that.  

Don’t think it will work for congress though.  They can barely agree on the day of the week.


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