A Joint And A Nap? What?

Just when you think you have heard it all.

Police in Springfield shut down “Mary Jane Makes Your Heart Sing” Wednesday.  It seems that in order to gain entry into the facility, you paid 20 bucks.  And, as a “thank you” you got a small bag of pot.

Needless to say that the Springfield Police and the City Council had a whole bunch of issues with that.  By the same token, the people standing in line had a huge issue with the store being shut down.  They of course claim that recreational pot is legal and that the city was taking tax money away from the state.  

Well almost right.  Recreational Pot is legal.  But no one has agreed to any mechanism for taxing or policing or anything else regarding distribution - so the store is a bit early.

Only in Springfield, right?

But Springfield doesn’t have the market cornered on weird.  It seems in New Mexico the school kids are tired so they have state of the art “Sleep Pods” that the students can lounge in and get a nap.  These things have music and lights...are padded.  Looks like a dentist chair with a dome.  We have to do this because the kids are tired.

Why are they tired?  Doing tons of homework?  Probably not.  Video games probably.  But this is the world that we live in today.

You want to know what the kicker is?  It’s a 128 thousand dollar federal grant that brings the specialized chairs to a couple of schools.  Translation….we paid for the chairs.

Instead of getting home from school and studying...eating dinner and watching a little tv before bed, stay up all night.  No worries.  I can sleep in the nice padded chair.

All this is going to put a lot of people in padded rooms instead.

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