Did Reagan Have The Answer For The Trump Tweets

I clearly gave up the wrong things for Lent.  I should have given up “weird”.  I went with Diet Coke and Red Meat instead.

So the President believes that there is a chance his office could have been “bugged” during the campaign and he is blaming the former President for doing that.

On the Sunday talk shows, the democrats came out and they -- not surprisingly reject President Trump’s claim.

Who believes we are going to get the real answer?  

There is an easy answer to all of this.  President Reagan in 1987 had the answer when he went to the Berlin Wall and said “ Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”

How close are we to someone walking into the office and saying “Mr President- Hand over your phone.”

It will take some guts  but the Presidency is getting more and more to look like a bad reality show.  And, in order for things to get done with need to get rid of the baggage and that means turning off the tweets.

The nation is facing real problems.  Most agree with that.  But we won’t see tax reform.  We won’t see immigration improvements...we won’t see anything that means anything to anybody unless we start doing the real work that needs to be done.

And you know what the big problem with all this--we won’t ever get the straight answer here.

We just won’t.

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