What's The Message? What's The Bill?

You have no idea how much I miss Silvio Conte.  

He was the Congressman from Pittsfield who was legendary in his work on so many issues.  But, one of his many talents was that he could take the most obtuse legislation-written in the most ridiculous way and be able to tell me what it meant for the nation and for the district.  How I miss those Friday afternoon calls.

I thought about him when I attempted to read the American Health Care Act.  That would be for lack of a better descriptive the repeal of Obamacare.

I tried to read the entire 123 page bill that the Republicans wrote.  I made it through the first 51 pages.  I nearly nodded off.  You know what the problem with this is?

The meaning is in the message.  The words should be your power to convincing people.  Instead what we have is something that would take a team of lawyers days to translate.

You see, if the assumption is that health care needs fixing, the message should be…

“I have a simpler, user friendly, more cost effective system for you to use.”

If that is what you think then that should be the message.  People can relate to cost not states rights.  Then you can say (simply) this is what will happen.  Trust us we can figure it out.

Is the bill flawed?  Probably.  Heck it talks about recouping lottery winnings from people who are in Medicaid.

In Washington, there are more lawyers than potato chips.  They need something to do.  They all came together to craft what they are debating.  Is that beneficial to anyone?  Time will only tell.

“There is no illness that is not exacerbated by stress.”   (Allan Lokos, Patience: The Art of Peaceful Living)

No more accurate words have ever been spoken.

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