Energy Shortage In DC Leads To Lack of Progress

I do understand that the world revolves on the news that Tom Brady is getting his shirt back, but believe it or not there are other things going on in the world.

It is getting more and more apparent that the people in DC don’t get it. They are looking at what is going on before them with rose colored glasses and only at the short term. You will forgive me for considering a different view...through the long term.

If lawmakers in DC continue to make government into a circus, holding up government, delaying, hemming and hawing through hearings on serious subject, they may win a partisan battle along the way.  But what they are really doing is writing the playbook for opposition parties through the rest of history. One guy wins...the other party drags their feet.  Nothing gets done.  Nothing.

There will be other elections but the way Washington is going what we will have is the “pre shot clock” basketball type government. In those days, the team that was weaker or way ahead, played keep away from the other team. The four corners offense was born boring the television audience and sending purists into the deep freeze.

So to politicians in DC, who among you will get on with governing. You have all the power. Come up with a game plan so the people win not the government and we might all have a better appreciation of you.  Put people back to work.  Keep the country safe.  Give the cities and towns some hope.

President Obama said, "Elections have consequences."  These are ours and we have do deal with them in a businesslike manner.

Otherwise, not only do we have a failure to communicate but a failure to survive.

( Picture with thanks- BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

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