Lawmakers Nationwide Wonder If Ends Will Ever Meet

Well this is the time of year when lawmakers, no matter where you are on the face of the earth will start whining that there isn’t enough money to do what they really want to do.  The fact that I have been talking for decades that these states weren’t in the great financial shape that they thought they were, really didn’t reach home.  

So now lawmakers want to “raise revenue”.  That is legislative speak for “taxes”.

In Connecticut, for example they are talking about taxing plastic bags.  They do so because they want to fund improvements at the parks.  That will make environmentalists happy.  There is no one who truly believes that those revenues will stay there.  Smoking Cessation monies are in the general fund now in almost all states.

Those lawmakers sure do get creative when they want to.  But they are missing some things.  

For example, let’s tax emails and text messages.  We can add it to the phone bill.  I haven't got a clue what it means anyway every one more line I don't have a clue about won't make a difference.We can tax prayers.  That will pay out some good money even in this day and age.  We can tax profanity too. 

 Everything someone in  Beacon Hill or Capitol Hill in Hartford speaks, count the number of times you reply “Dear God what the hell did they do this time.”    You will make a mint.  Or in the alternative, you all could have done what you should have all been doing all along and that is not spending over your head.  

If it works for the mom and dad with the family why can’t it work for government?  The problem with state government is that it tries to be all things to all people while forgetting that there is a bill that comes due and when it does all people are effected by it.  The bill has come due now.  And, the problem is that it will take a complete overhaul of their current thinking to make change.  

The way many of us were taught is the way they should be governing.  You cannot spend something that you do not have.  That's true for us except when you hear lawmakers talk about "anticipated revenues."  That means "I am guessing."

And remember, your government, any government doesn’t make anything, manufacture anything or do anything that adds to the economy or your way of life. 

James Madison once said that "If were angels no government would be necessary.  

."The way things are going now not even the Angels may be able to help.

Picture with thanks Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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