Hernandez Case Has More Questions Than Answers

We are so far beyond the beyond.

We can’t talk to one another.  We have no compassion for anyone.  Everyone is into winning that they can’t consider another view or another side.

I was sort of taken aback by the Aaron Hernandez story.

I was not really looking at it as something all that unusual since there are dozens of times in a year that we do similar stories from other prisons in the state.  In this case the name leads the story rather than the whys.

And I don’t know what the answer is.

It goes far beyond the Hernandez story.  

It goes to the inner rooms of congress and to the oval office.

The only thing we care about is us and to heck with everyone else.

And, that is the problem.

Aaron Hernandez was a lost soul from an early point in time.  What the reason was for losing direction and focus is unimportant.  That he did is the only thing that we should know.

But our reaction instead of one that deals with compassion for those he left behind are shrouded in what he lost and what he may or may have done in the past.

That in and of itself is for the courts to finally decide.

We will not know the answers as to why Aaron Hernandez did what he did.

We will not ever know why so many men and women in this state take a wrong turn...go in a wrong direction and not ever find their ways back on the right path.

The doctors don’t know.

The Sheriffs don’t know.

No one knows.

And, until someone finds the answer to knowing the unknown we will have more tragedies with lost talents and lives.

And never understand why.

Only the names will change.

Is anyone truly innocent?

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