Trust Me--I'm Not Spinning-I'm Just Reporting

I am done with the phone.  

It is beyond me what people consider things to worry about and what they are concerned about.  People get upset when I announce that a particular community has a certain number of murders.  Somehow they consider that keeping score that perpetuates a negative attitude.  It is something where I actually understand the argument and dismiss it.  Just be thankful I am where I am and not reporting in Chicago.  

I was unprepared for what I was about to face.

Somehow I am perpetuating a negative connotation about the legal marijuana industry by my nomenclature.

When dealing with the recreational sale of marijuana I referred to it as “the sale of recreational pot”.

Somehow I am painting “pot” by using the term “pot” in a negative light because people consider pot an illegal substance and marijuana is in a much more positive light.

I thanked the caller, put down the phone and shook my head.

That’s all I could do.

Understand that I have a certain amount of time to convey the story and my shorthand to get through a story is not designed to send anyone a secret message.  It is designed to simply convey the message of what the story is.

So when I report today that that in East Longmeadow they are going to have an informational meeting ahead of a town vote on the potential sale of recreational pot, I am not endorsing it or rejecting it, I am just reporting the story not commenting.  Trust me.  I’m not shy.  I will tell you when I am commenting.

I guess I just did.

(Photo by Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post via Getty Images)


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