Really? This Is What You All Did?

Sometimes this is all easy.  Sometimes I look at what went on and say to myself, “certainly you all are kidding me.”

So here is all that we are concerned about in this big, vast world.

Longmeadow Town Meeting members legalized bees for residential neighborhoods.  I will fall short of calling it a Sanctuary City for bees.  But apparently one resident had an issue with a beekeeper in his neighborhood.  Only in Longmeadow.

In Holyoke, the City Council decided that it wanted to legalize something they have been doing for decades.  They do the Pledge of Allegiance to start their meetings and then they conclude by saying “God Bless America and Holyoke.”  Sounds pretty benign.  Except some residents are upset because God should be kept out of Holyoke Politics.  Trust me.  God can go where ever he wants.  Is there nothing else we can debate?

In Northampton, they protested Wednesday.  Sometimes, I think they protest just because.  Residents want an investigation into the potential ties the President has with Russia.  That’s what you got?

In Turners Falls, since there isn’t anything else we can complain about, people are stealing lawn signs for the advisory vote on Monday about the Indians Mascot for the High School.

Of course then Connecticut has to get involved.  The Governor wants to try to balance this year’s budget by eliminating the Rainy Day Account.  And the House Speaker says that if they pass tolls people will accept it. (Like a migraine I would suggest.).

And, since Vermont has been quiet – the legislature passed a recreational pot bill that the Governor there doesn’t know if he is going to sign because it is not a priority.  That’s what happens when lawmakers take a stand and don’t pass the buck to the voters in a referendum.

All this goes to prove that the world still is operational dealing with issues that have very little to do with anything and instead of searching for real answers to real problems, we have a real big mess.

And so it goes and goes.



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