I Don't Mean To Complain- But, I Am

I am so sick of it.

I am so sick of listening to people complain.

(By the way when I whine about how cold the people at the other end of the building keep this structure, that is not complaining...that is a proven fact that they don’t care about correcting)

They complain about The President and the Congress and Taxes and making budgets and almost everything that you can think of.

Now I make special dispensation for Connecticut residents.  We have the General Assembly and a lot of people who talk and do nothing.

But for all others they are looking at the wrong places.

Neither love nor happiness comes from Washington, or Boston and certainly not Hartford.  

Love comes from within yourself.  If you are happy with yourself what the hell does it matter what a bunch of people in Washington or wherever have to say.

Listen to yourself and listen to your soul.

Don’t say it unless you mean it no matter what it is.

And, that is the problem.  

Most of the people you see in Washington are playing their role.  

They are playing a game.

They think life is a game.

But if they didn’t say anything unless they really meant it, we might be able to figure out what it is all about.Of course if politicians only said what they believed--

The roads would be smoother.

The halls would be quieter and,

Life would be simpler.


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