An Open Letter To Congress

I am black.  I am white.

I am maLe.  I am female.

I am straight.  I am gay.  I am transgendered.

I have curly hair.  Straight Hair.  No hair.

But, I have what the rest of the world wants.

I am an American.  So please listen.

We have all sat and looked on at what you are all doing in congress.

Congratulations.  You have played your game.  And, while you are playing we are all

Working to make a living.  To make our families happy.  To feel good about the jobs we do, the money we make and the taxes we pay.

Game time is over and now it is time for you to work at what the real problems are.  If you want to investigate stuff.  Go to it.  But keep your eye on the real goal to make the country better than the way you got it.

To do that you need to multi task.  Just like the single parent with two jobs trying to give their kids better than what he or she had.

Multi task to make sure that the kid at school has a chance at success be they in the poor inner city or the rich burbs.

You can do it.  We all do it everyday.

You can have your political fun poking the bear.  But we can also poke the problems that need poking.

Remember before we are R’s or D’s or I’s we are Americans.

Remember we have an R in control.  Someday a D will be in control.  If you want to insure gridlock you will keep going on the path you are.

That won’t be fair to any of you.

I know you all want to be re-elected.  That is your job.  But just once, expand the horizon.  Expand the ideas.  Expand the hope within our beings that for far too long has been hidden by anger and despair.

The former NY Mayor Ed Koch said, “You punch me.  I punch back.  I do not believe that it is good for one’s self respect to be a punching bag.”

Senators.  Representatives.  With hope for the future and guidance from above we ask you to stop using us as your own punching bags..

Picture with thanks Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via Bloomberg


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