When The Issue Is Passing Us All By

I don’t get it.

Can someone explain to me what sense is it to ban the use of texting devices inside a moving car in Massachusetts while using a phone is legal?

I listened intently to a news conference this week which had state officials warning that they would be out in force during the prom season in order to keep the roads safe and that they would be after distracted driving.It is the prom season and parents sit home wondering what chaos is going to happen with all the parties and the like.  

And even I admit to being on my guard waiting for the onslaught of prom stories that start well but end deadly.State Police looking for distracted drivers.  

But is it not an equal distraction to text as it is to phone.  

How many times have I listened to state lawmakers say there is a difference.

Well guess what.  State Lawmakers have to do something even though no one will like it.Total ban.  No texting.  

No phones just like Connecticut.

Insurance rates in this state are going to go up ten per cent a year and everyone says the reason is distracted driving.  So let's take a distraction away from everyone.  I don’t get it.  

The car is the quietest time for me when I don’t take calls and I am just thinking about what I have to do.  

What is the preoccupation of taking a call or making a call in a car?

Instead what we have here is the state legislature --like the kid in the back seat of the car, his head pressed against the window, watching all the cars go by.

The issue is driving away and no one cares.

(Picture with thanks---Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images)

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