Another Choice May Soon Be Gone

Neither time nor space allow me to divulge all that irritates me this morning.  So just let me get this out of my system.


Do you think it is possible for those on Beacon Hill and the Governor and by extension any other state lawmaker in any other state, might treat me as something other than a walking, talking breathing tax paying entity? 


The State Alcohol Control Commission is reviewing a bunch of issues.  And, one of them deals with banning alcoholic beverages at restaurants and the like until after noon time on Sunday.  Sounds rather benign.  It would turn upside down all the restaurants who count on the mom’s celebration of whatever though.


Think about it.  Once again we take something that is legal and make it illegal.  It has nothing to do with anything more than my ability to make a decision.  If I want a Mimosa at 10:15 in the morning, should I not be allowed simply because someone in Boston says I can’t have it?  Come on guys?  Why must everything we do in this state take a bite out of business or tax me til it hurts.


Ok pontification is over.  By the way, for the sake of confession and setting the record straight, I don’t recall ever having a Mimosa at any time of day.


The same may not be said for a Manhattan.

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