Effort To Scam Is Effort Wasted

This has been a brutal week and next week I suspect will be the same.  I tried to go home early yesterday to get some sleep.  It was a good rainy day to catch up on some shut eye.


There was my problem.


I was just falling asleep getting ready for my first dream of being on the beach with Mariah when the phone rang.


“This is Emily.  You stayed at one of our resorts,” the woman started and then went onto her sales pitch.  Since under no circumstances do I work in a resort community, I interrupted.  Emily by the way was a recorded message.  


Slam the phone.  Keep the count with me.


About an hour later, Mariah and I were getting ready for dinner when the phone rang again.


“I am authorized to help you with your student loan debt.”


I checked my daybook and found out that it has been decades since I was last on a college campus.


Slam the phone.  That’s twice.


The sun was setting in my dream with Mariah and we were getting ready for a night of dancing, when the phone rang again.


An ethnic man with a heavy accent started, “Your computer has been infected with a virus and is in danger.”


Since my computer has been off for two days and I was in a playful mood, I exclaimed, “Oh really?  A virus.  Am I sick.  Is it contagious?  How can you help me?


It was so easy too.  All i needed to do is give them my credit card number.


All together now-- Slam the phone again.


Just some questions here.


That Do Not Call List-  How is that working these days.


And, isn’t it time for Congress or State Legislature to take a timeout from Russia and Healthcare and find a solution to these ridiculous calls?


Can’t they for a change find a way to help me rather than weigh me down with everything they do?

(Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images)


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