Failure To Communicate Is Failure To Serve

Where has all the common sense gone?

It never used to be that way.  When did it happen that the story doesn't matter it is what is said about the story that somehow is more important.In Denver, a sportswriter was fired because he was "uncomfortable" that a Japanese Race Car Driver won Indy this weekend.  

I have not a clue as to why but that is what he tweeted out.  Needless to say the comment as it should have was not well received.I was equally uncomfortable having to deal with the death and destruction in the world today which is well away from the domain of a sportswriter who wants headlines.  Well he got them.  

It has become, "hey look at me I have something to say about a story you don't care about." It never used to be that way you know.  Reporting was for real reporters.  Now it seems if you have a thought, be it reasonable or not, be it hurtful or not you get to say whatever you want.  I don't play that way.  

Have I mentioned "the story is the story." 

But that is what we have all become.  A beast among beasts.And here is the problem.  It's not about the story.  Its about almost everything else besides the video or the story or the whatever.  We don't have a failure to communicate.  What we have is too much communication. 

 We are in a day and age where even the most simple of interviews becomes a disection of a forecast of "partly cloudy versus partly sunny."  

The answer is never simple even for the most simple of issues and trust me when I tell you "they" want it that way.

And maybe we do have a failure to communicate.

(Thanks for picture DAMIEN MEYER/AFP/Getty Images)

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