The Curfuffle Over the "Covfefe"

Dear Mr President.  Give me your phone.  Please give me your phone.  Do you have any idea what you did last night.  "Despite the constant negative press covfefe."  Yes we all went scurrying for Merriam Webster's looking for the definition of the word "covfefe".  We think he meant to say "coverage".

 Satisfied that there is no such word we are all prepared to move on with our lives.  Go figure that POTUS would have something in common with teens in this news cycle.  

The Massachusetts Legislature held a hearing on a measure that would prevent teens from texting in the car.  

Lawmakers asked to pass the measure that would force providers to come up with an app that would bar teens from texting.  

Lawmakers were told there is no such technology.  This of course points out how crazy this issue is and the need for all lawmakers no matter what the state to deal with an issue once, the right way so we don't have a circus.

Many moons ago lawmakers passed a measure that allows you to use the phone in a moving car but bars you from texting.  

We were all told by any lawmaker within reach of a microphone that a total ban on cell phones and texting in a car like Connecticut was overreach.  Except for one small problem.  Distracted driving accidents increase.  People get hurt.  People die and we are left searching for a solution.

Here is the solution.  All hand held devices in the car....ban them, just like Connecticut does.

For no other reason than you show the insurance companies that you want to get a handle on the issue and hopefully hold off ten per cent increases in insurance rates because of distracted driving.

And that is a solution even the most energetic of the openents will be happy with to solve the covfefe.

(Photo by Lior Mizrahi/Getty Images)

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