Doing Your Laundry At School?

I sometimes have to pinch myself and think a moment before I comment on something.  Most of the time gut reaction is the right reaction.  Sometimes, like in this case it is not.


In a middle school in Worcester they have come up with an out of the box idea designed to prevent chronic absenteeism.  And, they are doing it through the use of a washer and dryer.


Yes.  Really.  And when you think about the issue it is actually something that some schools may want to consider.  Kids in middle school - at least one middle school don’t go to school because they don’t have clean clothes.  So the principal identified who these kids are, did a bunch of fundraising and bought the washer dryer.  And, it appears that the kids no longer have this as an excuse and the numbers are better.  Wonder if it will work elsewhere.


I found myself yesterday thinking about Angelique Guerrero yesterday afternoon.  She is the mother in West Springfield during the tornado of six years ago that did everything right and lost her life doing it.  When the tornado came through, she did what they tell you to do.  Head to the bathroom and huddle.  She covered her daughter.  The daughter survived while a tree came crashing through the house killing the 40 year old mom.


When it’s your time.  It’s your time.

And in West Springfield it’s also almost zero hour at The Monte Carlo.  The legendary restaurant is closing at the end of the month.  The owners are retiring.  The Pugliano’s are good people and have done well. But all good things must come to an end.  At some point this month I will sneak in quietly and have a final polenta dish.

Good memories.


Anyway, that’s it.  Am I the only one who thinks this week has actually been two weeks in one?


Have a good weekend.

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)


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