Relying On An Anchor To Ground Your Day

There is a difference I believe between that which happens because of circumstances beyond your control-- stuff like the tragedies this weekend in the UK, and stuff that you can control- stuff that you do and say. 

In one instance nothing you do or say can help.  In the other, you control everything. 

And, in the latter, it is a matter of “your anchor”.  Everyone has an anchor.  It’s that thing that keeps you grounded and doesn’t let you wander.  Sailors know that no matter what the storm that is brewing, if the anchor is good and strong then the storm passes and everything will be good. 

It is sometimes waiting and relying on that anchor that will save you from uncertainty. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if all these people we see on TV had an anchor that they could depend on?   

That way instead of saying things in interviews, or doing things in the midst of a plea for attention what they do or say will be anchored in the good rather than the bad. 

Who or what is your anchor?

(Photo by Andy Newman/Carnival Cruise Lines via Getty Images)

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