How Far Will We Go On State Mascot Bill?

Little known to many, Governor Charlie Baker has a huge problem.  It’s called the Massachusetts Legislature.  That is where lawmakers are considering a measure that would eliminate public school mascots using Indians or terms associated with Indians.


That’s a problem?  Taking it outside of the norm, does anyone remember what is on the Massachusetts State Flag?  It is a depiction of an Indian, Native American, whatever your descriptive.  This person carries an arrow with the point down, a symbol of peace.  If the legislature passes such a measure, then the flag could be close to changing.


So, what do we do?  

Well why don’t we take a week and get rid of all that is in state government that is offensive?  For example:


Why don’t we get rid of Boston Cream Pie as the State Dessert?  This is obviously offensive to those who are diabetics or those trying to keep the waistline down to a manageable size.


Why don’t we get rid of Boston Baked Beans?  Too many carbs and sweetness from the molasses and brown sugar rots teeth.


How about the state song?  That needs changing as well.  “All hail to Massachusetts, we'll keep her flag unfurled.”  That is one line from the state song All Hail To Massachusetts.  You didn’t know Massachusetts was a “she” did you?  Sexist?


The official state sport is Basketball.  Understandable.  What are we going to do for Baseball, Hockey and Soccer fans?


You see when you do one thing the logical progression is to keep going and when you do that, the progression never ends.


The Governor has an easy out on this Mascot Bill.  All he has to say is that the Native Americans don’t speak with one voice on this issue and for the sake of moving on, we will move on.


It is the one time in state government where doing nothing speaks louder and longer than any filibuster in the legislature.


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