Penny For Your Thoughts-- More For An Idea!

It must be pretty nice being a Governor.  

All you do is say something and the rest of the world has got to try to figure out what you mean.

Governor Baker this week said that the state legislature should take a look at re-instituting the State Sales Tax Holiday.  He didn't say if the legislature passed it he would sign it...only that they should take a look at it.

But most of the feeling in the state among the experts is that the economy in the state is in good shape.  

So which is it?

Is the economy good or is the economy in need of help.

And, while I am at it, I know why, but why is the state sales tax holiday all about the stores?  Why isn't it all about the consumers?  

Aren't they paying the freight?

That's the problem. 

If you have a politician and you have a problem, the guy paying the freight is never a positive part of the answer.  Everyone wants.  And no one says "well don't we have enough?"

For all the words and all the sentences spoken about the time is now to "think out of the box" when was the last time you heard an idea that qualifies?

And, what was that idea.

When I go out and speak to new political wannabees I provide them with a simple equation that will get them elected or re-elected and do some good for the public.

"Idea plus simple explanation of that idea, plus what the real effect on me will be equals win."

The problem is that would take some thought.It's much easier to talk about what's wrong with the other guy and I don't know where the end is.

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