Why They (The Media) Are The Way They Are

I try to be nice to people when I am out and about and when people see me and they have a question I always try to spend a moment with them.  A person named Rob made me think this weekend.


He wanted to know why the national media is so wanting to cover the debate about healthcare and other issues the way they are.  His contention is that it is one sided.  

So it is time to debunk the myth about Washington and the national media.


Admittedly the constant battering of Washington and Healthcare drains the energy out of the room.  But understand why the networks cover the story the way they do.  


It is not about Trump or the want to get the story out, it is about the reporter wanting to be noticed.  To make a name for themselves.  To garner the award.  To say to the world “I won.  We won.”


It’s not about the sense of national patriotism or anything else.  And although at some point it was about journalism, it's far from it now.


Rob’s next question dealt with Health Care.  He wanted to know if it is good or bad.


Damn good question.


There is some good and some not so good.  I understand that if i am a Governor I don’t really like it because in the matter of Medicaid, the open checkbook that what it is now goes away and become a finite amount of money that you have to work with.  It is going to take some creativity to deal with that.


Should the Planned Parenthood discussion be part of this?  Probably not.  I rely on women to tell me what is needed and there is some concern.  What they need they should get.


Now for the myth that is being missed by the world.  And, POTUS telegraphed this and it has gone unnoticed.  He has his plan.  Democrats have theirs.  When the President says “We will negotiate,” what he is saying is that here is the extreme on the right and we will see what the extreme on the left is and come up with something in the middle.”  Hopefully anyway.


That’s what business people do.  It is truly the art of the deal.


I would doubt that anybody in the beltway read the bill when they reacted to it.  For all the angst and despair and amazingly dramatic rhetoric, once again congress misses what the reaction should be.


“OK they have their thoughts and we have ours.  Let’s meet without cameras around and find out what the best solution is.”


The Ohio Governor this weekend says that neither party cares much about poor people.  Although in this day and age it seems difficult to think they care much about anything besides winning.


Someone has got to come to their senses.  Otherwise the current system, by all people’s account will implode and then it’s too late to fix anything.

(Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images)


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