You Can't Make Any Of This Up

Where do you start?


The President is out and about on Twitter again and everytime he does half the world cringes.  Actually all the world does.


The President has never been shy about his twitter habits.  He went after the crew from the Morning Joe last week.  Or did he?


This is just me.  If you tell me the sky is blue I want confirmation.  If you tell me your budget is balanced, I am likely to say you are foolish to believe that.  But that is another story.

So this is not a stretch.  


Did the President go after Mika and Joe?  Or, and it is not beyond the realm of possibility that this is all a good old big marketing scheme.  Let’s analyze.


For however long they were doing this, the harangue from the people from NBC has been beating down on the negative.  Mika and Joe were rather proud of their stuff.  Most people on the network level are.  But their ratings were low and they weren’t getting noticed outside of The Beltway.  So they continued.  And they went on and on.


So POTUS had enough.  And he responded.  Some would say “he took the bait”.  And he let loose with his infamous tweet about the bad facelift.  And the world took notice.  Everyone was talking about Mika and Joe.


So I would like to propose something.  I would not make this offer to just anyone.  But in this one case I am willing to make this one time offer.


Mr President lay off Mika and Joe.  Just stop cold turkey.  Instead,  go after me. You can tweet daily about me.  Here are some examples.


@johnbaibak how does he get so much news in a short period of time.  Amazing.


@johnbaibak how the hell does he put up with that jim polito.  Amazing.


@johnbaibak  his Daybreak Show at 5 is one of a kind.  


 In a good show of faith I would respond.


@ POTUS  Can you just ignore the media.  Well with the exception of me.


@ POTUS  Isn’t it sad that no one in DC has anything good to say about anything.


@ POTUS  Can’t you tell Ryan, Pelosi, Schumer and company to be quiet.


And, when you go on vacation, feel free to let Vice President Pence have a turn.


It’s not an offer I would make all the time. 


But, I am willing to in an effort to help everyone get along.'

(Photo by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images)

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