A Change In Attitude Needed In Order To Succeed

I have not gone off the deep end.   But, the media and America needs to consider this.

The President of the United States, constitutionally speaking has very little power. 

He can’t pass a law.

Spend money indiscriminately or print his own money.

It was done that way on purpose.  The founding fathers did not want to set up a new government that was based on the old where we were bowing and beholden to one person.  Instead they came up with a group approach.  Three equal branches of Government.

So to the media and the politicians and the world…

“Ignore the President.”

Say What?

The media would get more sound sleep, be in better moods and produce more important pieces if they would just let investigators investigate and the President Tweet to his hears content, if they would just ignore him and the protesters who protest based on ideology rather than a pragmatic injustice.

Instead, and this would take some work for the Washington Media Elite, they should bestow its ink and its battery life to applying pressure on congress to act responsibly.

Government, by definition is supposed to govern and if they did, responsibly as opposed to talking about nonsense we might even get ahead in the world.  Instead we let Senators, such as Warren and Blumenthal and Schumer go untethered into saying what they want with very little internal or external conversation.  Remember for any---ANY politician that has been there for any length of time it is not about policy or people it is about party.

And, that is the problem.

Politicians talking but not listening.

Reporters reporting but not understanding.

People talking but not believing.

Until the Washington and National Media change their ways from personality based to issue and information based we will not change.

And the tweeting will continue and the words will wander about the atmosphere without meaning or understanding.

(JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

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