No Urgency In Legislature- What Does It Mean?

A long time ago I went to school with a girl that never really studied.  She never did homework and just about every time you looked at her she was waiting til the very last minute to do term papers.  It got to the point where I thought that all she had to do was smile and a group of angels would come out of the sky to present a perfectly typed term paper.  

She was a Straight A student.  The nuns loved her.  Today she is a pretty amazing business woman.

Compare that with what we are going through in Boston with state lawmakers sending out the white smoke that their budget conference committee has agreed on a budget.  

As of this writing they haven’t detailed what they did or how they will take care of a billion dollar shortfall.  But lawmakers Friday will vote on it.A question.  

What is it that State Lawmakers were doing in order to delay the debate on a state budget, that no lawmaker in any state has a handle on.   

A lot of people have been warning lawmakers for years that what they think they have to spend may not really be there.It got to  the point this week where the House Speaker pulled the plug on the Pot Conference Committee in order to focus on the budget talks.  

The Senate President then told reporters that senators could do both bills without a big issue.  

Rosenberg said that in the senate, they can “walk and chew gum at the same time.”

Now on every successful business person’s desk there is at least a few projects that he is juggling and manages to get everything done.  

On my desk today I have four projects that need my attention and they will get done on time.

So I guess my question is-- If I can get my work done on time.  

And the businessman in Springfield can get his work done on time,  

And, that girl in school got everything done on time---And an “A”,  why can’t the state legislature?

Don’t you deserve better?

(ADEK BERRY/AFP/Getty Images)


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