Is There A Need For Human Contact Anymore?

Have you noticed that the world is now desensitized to what is in it?

No one looks at each other anymore or cares to have any kind of meaningful interaction.

I was doing my monthly chores, which entail paying my credit card bill and the frustratingly high cable bill.    And, I almost always go to the institutions and pay the bill in person.  Somehow paying bills is relaxing to me.

I walked into the bank, stood in line with the bill, an act I actually find relaxing and waited patiently.  They never have enough help.  When it was my turn I handed the money and the bill to the teller and she looked at me as if I had three heads.  She finally said to me- “you know you can do this on line.”  The reply was pretty simple; “I do no banking on line.”  She replied; “Well you don’t have to stand in line, you can do it at the ATM over there.”  I don’t use ATM’s.

I looked at her kind of stunned and asked where she would be working if all the customers took their business to the ATM rather than her teller position.She didn’t have an answer.

I went to the cable company and walked up to the woman, gave her my slip and my money and she again looked at me like I had three heads.  She smiled nicely and said we have this kiosk for you to use for payments.  Not feeling the need to alter the response, I asked what she would be doing if everyone did that.  She laughed.

When did human contact become persona non grade?  When did human contact become optional?  

We stopped dealing or having an interest in interacting.

We took decency out of the picture.

We took peace off the table.We took a lot of things off the table that many generations before us were good at, relied on and prospered in and threw it all out for the sake of modern living.

And, when we got rid of all of that we got rid of relationships and common decency.  

Galileo said, “Where the senses fail us, reason must step in.”

Is it too late for that?

(picture with thanks Getty Images)

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