Mr President --A Few Ideas? A Change Of Pace?

With a couple of swipes across the device's screen, the President of the United States did a masterful job of redirecting the media to talk about what he wanted them to talk about, rather than what they wanted to talk about.

He wanted them to talk about a redirection of a directive in the military which bars transgendered individuals.  They wanted to talk about Russia, Health Care and strife.

It is true what they say.  We need not understand how he works, only that he is playing the game with the media at a master’s level.

Oh by the way Mr President, here are some other ways. 

1:  Make an oval office address on health care.  Tell us when the current system will implode.  How many people will be left with nothing and the specific plan you have to fix it.  Then tell the Senate to pass it and let the Conference Committee figure it all out.  That is where all the work will be done and that is where they are going to need a year, at least to get it all done.  If it is that bad ---waiting only makes it worse.

2:  After making the Oval Office Address, get your phone out and call the Connecticut Governor.  Tell him you want to visit the woman in New Haven who was in sanctuary inside of a Pentecostal Church, denied asylum and now is being threatened with deportation.  Hear her story.  Hear about her four kids that will be left behind.  Then decide for yourself whether she should stay.   She has just received an emergency stay.   While you are at it, call the Massachusetts Governor and tell him you are coming up to see him.  Have him take you to the MIT janitor in the same predicament in this state.

3:  Having hopefully provided a new approach to some age old problems -  let me solve another.  Give me your phone.  No tweeting.  Once a week we will allow. You will insure sanity in the world of twitter.  You can do other things in the office.

4:  Direct your Housing and Urban Development Secretary to come up with a plan to figure out what we are going to do with inner cities.  Main Street America had things like Foxes and Sage Allen and Brown Thompson.  Caldors.  Grants.  Now we have empty buildings, decaying streets and empty hopes and dreams.

There are other things that should be done.  It will be things that everyone will be able to figure out and pass for the good of the country.

In exchange, I will give you back your phone so you can tweet to your hearts content.

(Photo by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images)

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