Rights That Are Trampled And Lives Changed

We have state’s that are trying to re-write and manipulate history.We have people who are trying to ignore their past.

We have schools that are trying to rebrand themselves as to not to offend.

And, in some cases we have people dead.  

Rights that are being trampled and lives shattered forever.

So, someone please tell me how we got to this point.  

How is it that we are in a day and age that people can’t debate something no matter what it is without being offensive and brutally violent.

How is it that we are now at a point that we are debating the timing and words of a person?

How is it that someone got into their head that it was somehow it was acceptable to drive a car through a crowd because you didn’t like their viewpoint?

How is it that there is no filter that asks you to reconsider since by ruining others lives you are ruining yours as well.

Do we really think that people are going to forget the history of an area or a state because we take down a statue?

And, when did the reaction to the tragedy become more important than the tragedy?

Let’s keep our heads on straight and work to end the cause of the hate, rather the perceived meanings of the reaction.If the problem is eliminated, the heartache ends, the strife defeated and people can live like they once did, in peace and harmony.

If people, all people would just one time work together on any one thing and then again and again for the public good we wouldn't have to reschedule our lives for a protest or a rally or a vigil, we would all be working in harmony so those tragedies would never happen.

I don't have an answer.  

All I have are questions.


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