Kids Just Being Kids?

Have you noticed that we have produced a generation or two of kids that have no clue how to be nice?

If you step outside of an office, you will find that people often times have difficulty saying something good about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, it has gotten that bad.It never used to be that way.

It used to be people had manners.  

They were polite.  

They complimented people.  

If they disagreed with you, they disagreed without being disagreeable and certainly weren't violent about it.Now we have a much different picture. 

We have kids that know how to fight, but not debate.

Who yell rather than listen.

Who would rather do nothing for themselves rather than something that might be beneficial for all.

There are people who want something for nothing.And others who want everything no matter what it is whether they need it or not.Have you been in a home when kids come over.  

When the mom offered me anything, I generally turned it down. 

 Now kids open the refrigerator of a home they are visiting and raid it like it was their own.

And we wonder why we have the issues we have now? 

It all starts at home.   

Doesn't it?

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