What's In A Name? A lot Apparently.

The world has gone crazy I tell you. 

ESPN is taking one of its prime time play by play men off a high profile football game because his name is Bob Lee...Robert Lee.  

They are afraid that his name won't play well in the south.  

He has been taken off a game involving Virginia.  

I have heard it all now. It seems that there could be some confusion between the Confederate General  and the ESPN Broadcaster.  The name may not play too well in the south.

Yes there could be confusion. 

 There could be angst. 

 That someone would have noticed is frightening. 

 For the record General Robert E Lee was born in 1807.  He died in 1870.  I would suggest that if you went to the schools of this country you could not find many to tell you who that is.  I will let you notice the spelling of the names.

Don't you think we have gone a bit off the deep end here?  Just a little?  Can't we just let people be people?  

Do you really have an issue with that?  Bob Lee is a super nice man--and a great play by play man.  But if he weren't great at what he does, did I mention he is a great person?  

Where does the craziness stop?  When do we all come back to reality.

The Network says that it was a mutual thing and that it has no reflection on the game or the broadcaster, just coincidence with the name.I accept the decision.  

But, this all brings us to a new dimension of "What's in a Name?"A lot.  And too much apparently.

(Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for ESPN)

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