A Minute To Change The World?

I  don’t mean to preach.  But I guess I am going to.  I have figured out the problems of the world.  I just have no way to solve them.

There is no appreciation in this world.  

Not for the beauty of the sky.

Nor for the peacefulness of the night.

Not for the innocence of a child or the simplicity of a family at Sunday Supper.

Appreciation allows us to consider the other’s needs and purpose.

The bible says something about walking a mile in the other’s shoes.

And, since it seems that we only care about ourselves we can’t ever consider anything else.

If we did we might not be in the way we are.

Carping instead of caring…

Too Willing to Fight, but not to find a Friend.

Consider "Me" first rather than "Ours."

It would only take a minute to get it done.

And another minute after that…

And, after that, until the hours becomes days and the days become weeks.

And then we have a different world.

All it takes is that first minute.

(Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

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